Ultimate Bet Bonus Codes

Have you ever tried playing online poker?

This is one of the most popular games in recent history and if you have not yet joined the bandwaggon, it is not too late. Join Ultimate Bet for maximum poker fun.

Ultimate Bet is an online poker room used by many weak and inexperienced players, and it is quite easy to make a serious amount of money there, while enjoying yourself.

It is not too difficult to be a profitable online poker player at the low and mid stakes level by following these guidelines: read about and deploy a solid strategic methodology, develop a strong mental discipline to follow your strategy under all circumstances, including in case of intense bad bad luck. Finnaly select tables wisely.

It is our privilege to offer an incredible 111% poker bonus for your first deposit, up to $1100. Yes it is not a typo, 1100 dollars are there for you, and as this bonus has no time limit once you have deposited, it is yours all for the taking.

In order to get this poker bonus at ultimate bet, you just need to input YOURBONUS in the field for "referral code" when you make your first deposit, as shown in the image below.

Make sure not to forget to input the bonus code YOURBONUS at the time of your first deposit at Ultimate Bet, otherwise you will not get the maximum bonus of $1100 that we offer.

After registering you will need to confirm your email address, then you can make your first deposit. In order to fully benefit from this offer, it is recommended to deposit $1100, so you get the entire $1100 bonus that you can progressively "grind" over time.

Another great online poker room with loose competition is CarbonPoker, and they offer an attractive Carbon Poker Bonus.

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