UB's famous bad beat jackpot

UB.com does it again with their famous bad beat jackpot. Recently UB.com awarded the UB.com player "KAPPIT" with over $200,000 dollars for hitting the jackpot. For all you poker players out there, live or online, bad beats are a part of the game and they can sure feel horrible. At UB.com being the unluckiest player does not have to feel horrible because of the bad beat jackpot that turns the unluckiest UB.com players into big winners.

Kappit was playing at a .25/. 50 UB.com table when she got quad nines in one of the hands she was playing. There were two queens on the board to go along with her two nines however Kappit never imagined that her opponent, UB.com player "CIBV", would be holding pocket queens to have her nines crushed. When it came time for show down at the UB.com bad beat table Kappit was crushed to see her nines beat, for a split second that is, then she realized she had just won the biggest payday of her life.

The UB.com jackpot was sitting at over $670,000 dollars when Kappit hit it. UB.com takes 25% for the next jackpot and 10% for the house however the rest goes to the UB.com players closest to the action. Out of the remaining 65% half of it goes to the loser of the bad beat hand so UB.com player Kappit scored $218,115.71 for her unlucky hand. If it wasn't enough to get lucky enough by outdrawing a monster hand the winner of the hand gets 25% so UB.com player CIBV scored $109,057.85. UB.com helped one very lucky player and one very unlucky player score six figure paydays for participating in the bad beat action.

Since its creation the UB.com jackpot has awarded over 58 million dollars to the unluckiest UB.com players. In 2010 alone there has been nearly 10 million dollars so far awarded at UB.com from the bad beat jackpot. With 25% of the UB.com jackpot money rolling over to the next jackpot there is always a chance to hit a nice size payday even after an unlucky UB.com player finishes hitting the jackpot. If you are looking to score a big prize for your unluckiest hand no one does it better than UB.com.

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