Carbon Poker Bonus Code

Online Poker is the most widespread game in Internet history and if your grandmother is not yet playing, this could happen tomorrow.

So what about you? Are you already a shark grinder at online poker? This is how thousands of students and young professionals make a living nowadays, and you can join the bandwagon as well. There are still enough fish to feed the new aggressive players.

If you have not yet joined a poker room or if you are looking for a better deal than your current room, why not considering Carbon Poker?

Carbon Poker provides a great incentive that cannot be found elsewhere: a 200% bonus. Yes this is not a 100% or 110% bonus commonly seen on the web, but an awesome 200% bonus up to $500.

Join Carbon Poker for extreme poker fun, and enjoy the large percentage bonus in online poker, just for joining and playing at Carbon Poker. That is all you need to do to get our special %200 bonus up to $500.

We can make this exceptional offer with the collaboration of Carbon Poker, as they are long-term friends and we have partnered with them to get the best possible deal for our players.

There is nothing easier than getting our carbon poker bonus! After opening your player account, make your first deposit and a deposit window as the one below will appear. Type in "BONUSTIPS" in the "Coupon Code", and you are done.

Carbon Poker

Remember, you just need to input BONUSTIPS in the field for "Coupon Code" while making your FIRST deposit.

Make sure not to forget to input the bonus code, otherwise you will not get our special 200% poker bonus.

Carbon Poker is not as well known as the larger online poker rooms, and the games can be juicier if you focus well on table selection. As carbon Poker also supports side games such as blackjack, some of the players are there primarily for gambling.

If you want to grind your bonus and get some good solid cash, these are the players that you should try to identify and play with. It is pretty easy to make money at Carbon Poker for the most disciplined solid players.

Remember the basis of profitable online poker is to study and implement a solid & systematic strategy, to develop the mental discipline to follow the strategy, and to become an expert at table selection.

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