Deep Stack Poker Tournaments

Deep stack poker tournaments are basically tournaments where the starting amount of chips is far bigger than the blind level for example in a more conventional tournament you start with 1000 chips and have a initial blind level of 10/20 this means that you have 50 big blinds in a deep stack tournament you would start with more like 5,000 maybe 10,000 with the same blind level potentially giving you 500 big blinds also in a conventional tournament you would expect to see blind levels increase every 10-15 minutes where as in a deep stack tournament you are more looking between 20-30 minutes for blind increases.

Carbon Poker

This means that a different sort of strategy is needed for deep stack tournaments where as in a normal tournament you are at a certain point forced to really play any half decent hand where as playing a deep stack tournament you are better of waiting your turn for a premium hand to come in, if you do this you can then pile the chips in when you do catch a premium hand where as if you commit lots of chips to a mid range hand you are risking not having as much left for when that big hand comes along.

In every sense a deep stack tournament is identical to a freeze out in structure all that changes is the time between blind increase and the amount of starting chips.