PokerStars Milestone: 50 Billion Hands Dealt

PokerStars is the uncontested leader of online poker.

The popular online poke site PokerStars recently reached a major milestone in the online poker community. It has become the first site to ever deal 50 billion hands, a large number by any way of counting.

Players were aware that PokerStars was preparing a great celebration toward this goal, because the site ran several special events to remember this accomplishment. A promo titled the 50 Billion Hand Promotion gave players a special cash bonus if they played at regular intervals until the final hand was dealt.

Even though the promotion ran until the final hand was dealt, noone knew at what table and stake the hand would end up being played. In other words, no one knew what table and what stakes would be the one that dealt the 50 billionth hand. This meant that any table could be dealt the winning hand.

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The winners of the 50 billionth hand

Ironically enough, the final hand was dealt at a micro-table where any player could buy-in for no more than 5 dollars. Even though it was a micro-table, the reward was nothing small. All 6 players were given WCOOP Main Event ticket, which run at about $5,200. Of course, each player won a significant amount of money as well.

The winning hand was dealt to tbvle, who won the pot and also an extra $56,140 for his good luck. The other players split $15,000, in a ratio depending on what each player VPP's was earned in the most recent fifty hands.

Right before the 50 billionth hand was dealt, the site came to a crawl so that all of the Team PokerStars professionals could also witness the event unfold and congratulate the winning players. Of course, for those who won, they just happened to play the right game and get dealt the right hand at the right time.

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