Pokerstars VIP program

Are you already playing online poker at pokerstars?

Probably not, otherwise you would not be looking for information about their VIP program.

Pokerstars has been the unchallenged leader of online poker since 2007, despite the fact that they do not offer rakeback, a requirement often requested by regular players. And this is thanks to such loyal players that online poker rooms make the bulk of their money. So how did pokerstars do it to attract and retain the largest poker traffic on the Web?

Part of the reason is their VIP program, which is a strong incentive for active poker players to keep on playing at pokerstars.

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This program is particularly interesting for high volume players. It is a step system, with six steps. All new players start at the Bronze level, and there is no lower level. At the Bronze degree, there is understandingly nearly no incentive, or say they accrue at a very slow pace.

But is you play sufficiently at the real money tables based on your monthly volume, you will easily reach the next few steps, which are Silver and Bronze. By playing at NL50 or higher or by joining a few tournaments with a buy-in level of $10 or more, you can achieve and maintain these levels. You will then be able to obtain points that can be exchanged against gifts or cash.

Platinum is the next level, and this requires a little bit more play. This is for players whose main hobby is online poker. There are thousands of players with the Platinum tag at pokerstars. In fact you can opt to display your VIP level at the tables, buy you can also opt to hide it. For Platinum players, the bonuses are larger and more frequent and they can also join freeroll tourneys with very cool prizes.

Finally Supernova and Supernova Elite are the top two degrees. They are very lucrative but only accessible to the most passionate poker players, who can put the hours necessary to reach this very exclusive club.

Only roughly 200 players make it every year to the ultra selective SuperNova Elite level, and less than 75 manage to maintain this status for more than one year. The benefits are massive and can reach in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of these players if not almost all of them are pros, and this requires to play many hours every day.

Whatever your level and frequency of play, try the pokerstars VIP program and you will not regret it.

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