Online Roulette - Play it well

If you have played some roulette game on the Web already, you must know of so many methods teaching how to beat the wheel and outdo the casino at its own game. But there is a limit to playing these tricks and you wouldn't want to cross that and make it an illegal operation.

If you look cautiously, online roulette has a static statistics and we all play by it. There are 37 numbers on the European wheel and 38 for the American version of the game of roulette. The payout is also definite and it is 35 to 1. This means a casino enjoys a 2.63% advantage in Europe and 5.26% in the USA.

Online players do not have a good idea about the codes and programs used to run an online casion website. This enables the operators to use the odds in favour of the house.

If you want to ensure that the wheel spins as close as possible to the real odds they must ensure a few things. Guranatee that the number generator is perfectly random. Guarantee that live roulette dealers are available as well.

The games offering each player the exact same result are difficult to manipulate. There are so many players playing together and betting from all over the world and this makes it tougher for the casino site to do unethical manipulations. If you pick a pocket number and play it, you can feel safe as there are hundreds of players playing with different numbers. So chances are lower that the casino would even think of playing unfair games against you or any particular player. But the per player roulette result can be manipulated as the programs can be used in such a way.

But most of the online casinos do not play unfair games as they would rapidly been labelled as rogue and players would avoid their games. Because the advantageous percentages give them enough time to hold their players long enough to give them sufficient profit. Online casinos are profitable without cheating, so there is no need for them to take the risk to commit any illegal action.