UB Poker closed

On April 15th 2011 the US Governement initiated a drastic set of actions to wage a war against foreign online poker operators and UB Poker was one of the victims. The UB Poker website at ub.com is no longer accessible from a browser at this time and the company is for all intent and purpose bankrupt.

This is a sad news for us as we loved this poker room. They had a great poker team with colorful players such as the infamous Phil Hellmuth, the gorgeous Tiffany Michelle and Mario Ho, and many other noteworthy players. They had a great software, which let you display the tables horizontally in a slick arrangement. They had their famous bad beat jackpot which has made many players rich overnight. And they had the Aruba tournament, a fantastic poker venue on a warm tropical island.

Now all of the above is gone forever, what a waste of creative talent. And why?

The US Government is running a crusade against online poker as if they were fighting against the ghost of Al Capone. It is right to follow and apply laws, but it would also be good if Governemnt officials used a little bit more judgment when they take such a life-breaking course of action. As a human being should we not weigh the pros and cons before moving with heavy artillery?

Yes it is life breaking as employees are laid off, poker pros lose some of their income and millions of players wonder why they suddently got deprived of their favorite hobby. And the reason for all that is technical on one hand, but most significantly it is on the other hand a demonstration of the lack of leadership in the USA. Yes they are unable to agree to enact a clean online gambling regulation, so instead they spend their time witch hunting.

We will keep you posted of future developments in this matter, and if luck is with us another gaming operator may buy the UB property and revive it under new ownership. Let's see.

Another great online poker room with many bad players is CarbonPoker, and they offer a great Carbon Poker Bonus.